The Scary Maze Game

The scary maze games can be a lot of fun. They may look and perhaps even feel a bit boring at the beginning but once you get going you could be in for a big surprise and you will be surprised at how addictive they can become. They are popular all over the world and that just shows how good they must be.


Rules of Scary Maze

The game is very simple. You just have to move through the maze using the mouse and you must not touch the walls of the maze. It can be pretty tricky as if you do touch the wall of the maze you have to start that level of the game all over again. You are a pink dot in the maze and you have to move through it carefully, not touching the walls and when you get out of the maze you will be able to move on to the next level. Each level gets increasingly harder and so it can be harder to win as you get closer to the end. There is a selection of levels which all have different shapes.

The very last level is the scariest. If you complete the maze you will find that you get a scary image flash up on the screen. You will not want to play this game if you have a heart condition or you are easily frightened. The image will depend on the type of maze game that you are playing. A lot of people like to trick their friends in to playing the game, getting them wanting to win and then scaring them with the picture that flashes up. It can be funny and scary at the same time for you and your friends. The game can be very funny and entertaining and it will even help your mouse control skills.